About us

Hello all and welcome to SweetPeas! First off, I’d like to say an enormous thank you for checking out my page and supporting me as I attempt to trek through this jungle that is turning a creative hobby in to a business! 

I began SP the summer after I graduated high school, hoping to get through the Dog Days doing something I love. I started small, sitting at my dining room table with a simple sewing machine, about six colors of thread, and a very patient Grandmother who happens to be a master with a needle and bobbin. Living in small town Southern Missouri I never expected SP to take off as quickly as it did, but shortly after I set up shop in my kitchen and created a Facebook page, friends and family began to request custom orders and monograms. As someone whose always enjoyed crafting and thinking creatively, I was ecstatic! 

When school started in the Fall I was afraid I’d have to put SP on hold to focus on my studies and keep my job at a local Pharmacy, however with the way my classes were scheduled I was able to invest time in to my business while keeping my grades in check and staying employed! By November of that year my Facebook page was attracting new customers daily and messages for orders were coming in quite frequently. After coming home from taking my last final the day before Christmas break, my father surprised me with a cleaned out room in our basement that was to be my craft room, I don’t think I could’ve been more excited!! I guess my family was tired of eating next to boxes of monogrammed pocket tees and car decals. 

As soon as I began working out of my craft room, I realized I had much more space to store merchandise. Supplies and material were ordered and before I knew it I had enough products for what seemed fit to begin an Etsy shop. Ever since starting Etsy I’ve found the business to be much more enticing, being able to share my creativity with the world is truly a marvelous thing.

A year later and almost 4,000 sales on my Etsy website I am once again ready for a new adventure and branching out. I wanted to run my own website and be able to reach out to my customers better than ever before!

As stated before, I never imagined something that started as a fun way to pass time would turn in to such an amazing business opportunity. If SP continues to grow, I hope to some day be able to pursue it full-time, and maybe even own my own store. As I look very forward to the future of SweetPeas, I look back with absolutely no regrets and cannot thank God enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity. Once again, thanks so much for all your support and I look forward with eager eyes as to what’s in store!



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Feel free to email at info@sweetpeasmonograms.com with any questions!